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The following fees and transaction limitations, are assessed as indicated:

Service Fees

Super Now checking account monthly charge $8.00
Savings account monthly charge (depending on product) $5.00
Replace lost ATM Card or Check Card                                                       


ATM cash withdrawal from ATMs we do not operate                                    


Check and Savings printing (fees depend on style of checks)                            


Cashier’s Checks                                                                                     


Money Orders                                                                                          


Deposited Checks (and other items) returned unpaid                                   


Garnishment and Executions                                                                  


Tax lien $100.00



Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) or overdraft fee/item                                               


Visa/MasterCard cash advance fee - customers only $15.00

Account Research                                                                                   

$30.00 per hour

Account Balancing Assistance                                                                  

$25.00 per hour

Stop Payment (per item)                                                                          


Account closed within 90 days of opening                                                  


Outgoing wire transfers                                                    


Outgoing wire transfers-internationaI


Incoming wire transfers                                                                     


IMerchant Credit Card setup                                                                                        



Safe Deposit Boxes (sizes)


3 X 5                                                                                                       
5 X 5                                                                                                       
3 X 10                                                                                                       
5 X 10                                                                                                     
10 X 10                                                                                                     





Night Deposit Bags


Zipper Bags $7.00

Lost Key/change lock                                                                                     


Drilling Box                                                                                              


Copy of Statement                                                                                   


Photo Copies                                                                                           

$1.00 per page

For details about the rules and regulations governing your accounts, please see your deposit agreement. For current interest rate information, contact us or call Telebanc at 1.877.884.8526.

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